Linden hall is the only dorm on the Bemidji State campus that has AC in the whole building.  It has two wings and a total of seven floors: three floors in A-Wing and four in B-Wing.

Linden Hall also is designed to have more of an urban feel to it.

Basic Building DesignEdit

Linden Hall has two wings with seven floors: three floors in A-Wing and four in B-Wing.  The first floor of both wings is conencted with the lobby of the building and the second floors are connected via the second floor lounge.


The Linden Hall lobby has a front desk where residents are able to checkout games, vacuums, buy stamps and get change for vending machines.

The lobby is also where residents get their mail.  If residents get mail or packages that are to large for their mailboxes, they will recieve a package slip that they bring to the front desk and show an ID and sign for the package.

The lobby also two couches, two lounge chairs, three tables with chairs, and a study room with a white board.

Second Floor LoungeEdit

The second floor lounge has a large flat screen TV, fireplace, kitchen area, vending machines, and a pool table.

Kitchen AreaEdit

The kitchen area in the second floor lounge has a stove, coffee pot, microwave, sink and a refrigerator.

Undergroud LoungeEdit

The Underground Lounge has 8 flat screen TVs, a ping-pong table and an air hockey table.


The suites of the dorms are either in A-Wing or B-Wing.

Suite LayoutEdit

Each suite is set up with either two or three single rooms and a bathroom.  Only one of the rooms in the suite has the thermostat in it.

Two Person SuitesEdit

Two person suites have their own enterances, with the exeception of ADA rooms.  Two person suites are set up with the bathroom inbetween them.

ADA RoomsEdit

ADA rooms refer to American Disability Act.  There are 16 rooms in Linden, four on each floor of B-Wing.

These rooms are set up to be more convenient for students who may have a physical disability.

The ADA rooms have larger bathrooms than the rest of the bathrroms in Linden.  And instead of being conencted by a bathroom, the two rooms in these suites are conencted by an entry way.

Three Person SuitesEdit

Three person suites have one room that is simalir in size to the two person suites.  The other two rooms are slightly smaller, but have a larger entry way.


Each of the rooms comes with the following:

  • A three dresser draweres
  • A desk with a drawer
  • A bedend with a drawer and a shelf
  • A bookshelf
  • A bed
  • A closet
  • A window with blinds
  • Sink
  • Carpet